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Performance Management Development Courses in South Africa


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Operational Performance Management and Development

Course overview
Performance Management is a critical and necessary component for individual and organizational effectiveness. It presents managers and supervisors with a clear model they can follow to plan, monitor, analyze and maintain a satisfying process of performance improvement of their staff. Whether you are managing a group of workers, supplying feedback to your boss or peers or focusing on your own performance, performance management is a process needed for improvement to occur. Without assessment and feedback, we have no basis for focusing our efforts to improve. Real gains in performance require a thoughtful and committed process of evaluation and feedback. There are many steps and nuances to complete the process, and if these are not done well or are short circuited, the process can fail and performance will suffer. Six Sigma course advisors are trained to help with questions you might have, and are able to provide information about our special offers and all our available training programs. They are contactable on international number +27(0)21 426 5300.

The performance management System
Introduction to performance management
Organizational Drivers
Performance Objectives
Performance management process
HR practices interlinked with performance management

Measuring Performance
Why do organizations measure performance?
How is performance objectives identified?
How do organizations measure progress?
What do organizations measure?
How is performance measured at different levels?
How are measures selected?

Individual Performance and the Performance Appraisal
Performance by individuals.
The performance appraisal.
Evaluation approaches.
Sample performance appraisals.
Improving performance appraisal.

Implementing Performance Management
Performance management system implementation.
The performance management process.

Linking Performance to Rewards
Performance reward strategy.
What motivates employee performance?
Linking pay to performance
linking base pay to performance
Rewarding at different organisational levels.
Motivating with other rewards.
Rewarding at different organisational levels.

Performance Management System Evaluation
Analysis of current system.
Legal framework of performance management.
Auditing rating scales.
Audit example.

How to enrol for the course
Before enrolling for a course you should have the following information ready:
Date you wish to attend the course.
Payment method - how you will be paying.
An understanding of the costs of the total package.

FAQ - Included in your course fees
Professional fees for the design of the program
Professional fees for the delivery of the program
Teaching materials and consumables
Travel & accommodation for faculty
Venue, equipment hire
Snacks and refreshments
Airport Pick Up and Drop Off
Basic Computer familiarisation training