Lean & Six Sigma Accreditation Body for Africa

Six Sigma South Africa TM is the exclusive training provider for 2KO Africa.

2KO Africa is widely recognised as the official industry standard for lean & six sigma accreditation in Africa. We offer internationally accredited accreditation and recognition of previous learning. We are partners with SigmaXL.

Companies in the Lean and Six Sigma space see us as the “Industry Standard in Africa”. Through a series of extensive bench-marking tests, our Lean & Six Sigma practices are regularly weighed against other top international accreditation bodies & well exceeds bench-marking requirements.

IASSC Certification is exam based, where industry primarily requires experience based certifications. Our students actually apply the learning and the 6+ month journey of certification is the evidence based part of the training and certification.

“If our students want to sit the exam, they are welcome, but it will require extensive preparation as it is a closed book 4 hour exam with a strong focus on advanced statistical analysis. It will give them an additional Certificate, but only evidence of ability to study and memorize material, not the ability to apply.” ~ Johan Claasen, senior Master Black Belt IASSC certified, SSSA.

What does this mean?

It provides an opportunity now for trainers, universities, and individuals to recalibrate by adhering to the standard which 2KO Africa sets.

How to get re-certified with 2KO as an individual?

R1,900 inc VAT

Must submit your project

Must provide CV, with references

Must have been previously taught by a recognised institution

At the practitioner level, we evaluate Six Sigma-certified individuals to ensure their comprehensive Six Sigma standards against the SS Body of Knowledge and that each practitioner has met the minimum standard of proficiency for six sigma and its implementation.

If you have never done a certification exam, then the fees vary from R1,250 for yellow belt to R3,600 for the black belt (exam only). The cost of having projects adjudicated range from R4,200 to R8,800 (green and black belt respectively). Please enquire with our staff.

Individuals who have trained elsewhere, other than 2KO Africa / Six Sigma South Africa and who require official certification, can apply to be accredited by us. Request may be ratified, if we are satisfied that the top standards have been met, or where not clear, candidates may be required to sit for our Six Sigma South Africa exam.

How to get re-certified with 2KO as a trainer?

R2,400 inc VAT

Must submit your project

Must provide CV, with references

Must have been previously taught by a recognised institution

Companies, universities, freelancers or any other training providers who are seeking recertification, will be required to meet specific criteria in not only their education requirements, but also in their testing requirements. Our accredited training providers are comprehensively reviewed to ensure that they meet an extensive checklist of compliance. Once approved, accredited providers are closely monitored to ensure they maintain their standards.