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Black Belts are the people who are in charge of the Six Sigma Projects within their respective companies. Most of the time, these are the people who are asked to take on this task on a full-time basis. Along with heading the project, they also are expected to coach, develop and advise other managers so the entire company can achieve this goal. Leads problem-solving projects. Trains and coaches project teams. Six Sigma South Africa™ DMAIC black belt six sigma courses run regularly in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, and sometimes in Port Elizabeth. Virtual lean six sigma black belt training is available world wide.


Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Course Logistics (program layout, expectations, etc.)

  • Six Sigma Introductory Overview

  • Project Selection

  • Process and Financial Metrics

  • Project Reporting Expectations

  • PDCA (Plan Do Check Adjust)

Chapter 2: Definition
  • Project Charters

  • Estimating Financial Metrics

  • Definition of process outputs (characteristics, defects, defectives)

  • Process Mapping

  • Strategic Alignment with Project Selection

  • Project Selection Facilitation

Chapter 3: Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Introduction to Design of Experiments

  • Non-Parametric tests and analysis

  • General Full Factorial Designs

  • Two-Level Factorial Designs

  • Three-Level Factorial Designs

  • Post-hoc Analysis

  • Fractional Factorials

Chapter 4: Measurement System Analysis
  • Variable Gage R&R

  • Attribute Agreement Analysis

  • Variables Data Capability Analysis

  • Attribute Agreement Analysis

Chapter 5: Basic Statistics
  • Fundamental Statistical Measures and Control Charts

  • Common and Special Cause Improvement Strategies

  • Introduction to Minitab

  • Quality Tools, Introduction to Hypothesis Testing, 1 proportion Tests and 2 proportion Tests

  • Chi Square Testing, T Tests, ANOVA, Correlation Analysis, Single Regression

  • Normality and Distributions

  • Anderson-Darling Test for Normality

Chapter 6: Improve and Control
  • Solution Selection and Prioritization

  • Pilot Studies (assessing countermeasures)

  • Final Capability Analysis

  • Process Controls

  • Wrap-Up


Six Sigma South Africa™ instructor-led training is the créme de la créme of our already high standard training.

We believe that the responsibility of learning Six Sigma lies in our ability to teach you, not in how hard you can focus or study!

Six Sigma South Africa™ trainers have been carefully selected as industry experts, who have expertise and experience not only in successful Six Sigma practices in the real world, but also in conducting training.


Complete your Six Sigma South Africa™ course though an instructor-led program using Microsoft Teams or Zoom.


As a Six Sigma Black Belt, your mastery of Six Sigma techniques and strategies will help you lead top-quality projects and mentor Green Belts in your organisation, where together you will identify and implement breakthrough improvements for enhanced bottom-line results.


This online, on demand Six Sigma Black Belt training program using SigmaXML software examples leads to obtaining your Six Sigma Black Belt certificate. Upon completion, you will be able to join successful project managers who are saving billions by improving productivity, reducing waste, variation and defects.


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Our six sigma courses have been accredited and can be claimed from skill development levies, through the relevant seta.

Our prices include certification as well.


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