Six Sigma Online Yellow Belt Courses In Tembisa
This online yellow belt six sigma course in Tembisa helps establish your six sigma methodology . Our professional videos serve as the perfect starting point for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their understanding of Six Sigma and its practical applications. As a leading provider of Six Sigma White Belt training in white belt, 2KO Africa equips you with entry-level knowledge that can be applied to improve your company's processes. Our certified trainers deliver engaging and insightful virtual live courses, ensuring a solid foundation in the principles and potential benefits of Six Sigma. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain essential skills and elevate your organization's performance. Join our six sigma yellow belt training today and embark on your journey towards process improvement and efficiency.

Course includes:

7 Lessons

22 Topics

22 Quizzes

Course Content

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

Introduction to Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Overview
  • Six Sigma success factors and six sigma organisation
  • What does 6 sigma mean and how is it measured?
  • Six Sigma Roles – business and customer
  • Developing a cutomer-focused business strategy
  • Unpacking DMAIC methodology
Define Phase
  • Define Phase
  • Elements of the Project Charter
  • Six Sigma Teams
  • Process Mapping
  • Business Risk Management
Measure Phase
  • Measure Phase
  • How to sample correctly
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Measuring financial impact
Analyse Phase
  • Analyse Phase
  • Cause and Effect
Improve Phase
  • Improve Phase
Control Phase
  • Control Phase
Introduction to statistics
  • Introduction to statistics
  • Statistical tools
  • Correlation versus Causation
Watch one of the "Improve Phase" modules for the Six Sigma Online Yellow Belt Courses In Tembisa