Six Sigma Classroom DMAIC Green Belt Course in Umlazi
2KO Africa delivers in-person instructor-led six sigma green belt courses in Umlazi. Our green belt courses almost always receive 100% customer satisfaction ratings. The in-person green belt course is in high demand because six sigma practitioners possess the knowledge and skills to utilize the relevant tools effectively, enabling them to optimize critical processes through the stages of defining, measuring, analysing, improving, and controling. As a result, your businesses could achieve massive cost savings and greatly enhance their overall profitability, by deploying green belt engineers. 2KO offers both in-person DMAIC and LEAN six sigma green belt courses.

Course includes:

5 Days

6 Lessons

32 Topics

1 x 90-minute exam

3 Months to submit project

Course Content

Six Sigma Green Belt Course

Executive Summary
Define Phase:

• Project Charter
• Voice of Customer Analysis
• Process Map

Measure Phase:

• Measurement plan / Operational Definition

• Collect Data

• Verify quality of the data / MSA

• Data Analysis (Descriptive Statistics, Control Charts, Capability Analysis /

Calculate Sigma Quality Level)

• Stakeholder and Communication Plans

• Financial Baseline / Potential Benefit

Analyze Phase:

• Fishbone Diagram

• Pareto or Cause & Effect Matrix

• Scatter Diagrams

• Regression

• Root Cause Analysis – 5 Whys


•   Problem Statement

Improve Phase:

• Generate Solutions

• Select the best solution/s

• Pilot Study (Descriptive statistics, Control chart, Capability Analysis)

• Implementation plan

• Business Risk Assessment Checkpoint

Control Phase:

• Process Control System

• Project approval documentation

• Accountability acceptance

• Financial benefit

• Transaction checklist

• Replication Opportunities

• Lessons learned

Watch a module on the intro to 5s for the Six Sigma Classroom DMAIC Green Belt Course in Umlazi