Eliminating Waste

Eliminating Waste using Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a proven methodology in the field of eliminating waste. Six Sigma South Africa offers practical courses with a suite of tools, statistical analysis and tried and tested methodologies that will help you improve your business.


Some of the benefits of waste elimination using Six Sigma methodologies:


Higher ROI

Cost reduction
Cost savings
Customer satisfaction
Customer value
Eliminate waste
Improve quality
Operational excellence
Performance improvement

There are two main streams of Six Sigma learning:


Lean Six Sigma
Goal: Reduction of waste in all of its forms throughout the operation
Method: Set operation to order using 5S and visual factory; identify where in the material and information flows waste exist and eliminate it.
Measure: Operational costs.
Industry: Manufacturing

DMAIC Six Sigma
Goal: Reduction of variation in all processes of the operation
Method: Search for differences in performance between groups, within groups, and over time to identify primary contributions of variation; develop additional understanding of multivariate causes by studying relationships between process inputs and outputs; put controls in place to minimize the contribution of input variation on output variation.
Measures: Variance, standard deviation, Process Capability (CP and CPK), sigma value, operational costs.
Industry: Process environments


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Train from home or work - no need to travel

No Contact Training

Face to face via virtual training interface

Live Training

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